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But what makes Omega such a prestigious brand and why are we still so in love with these ticking fashion statements?

Watches are far more than a mechanism used to tell the time.  With many costing more than a car or a deposit on a house, these accessories fill our glossy magazines and are regally displayed in illuminated glass cabinets in airports, shopping centres and jewellery stores and Omega is no exception. A designer watch with all the trimmings, this brand has made a name for itself for its sleek designs and horological prowess.

The brand was first founded in Switzerland in 1903 and has since come a long way from its founding by Louis Brandt to one of the most dominating watch brands in the world. While the company started out with an idea of creating revolutionary timepieces that were professionally focused they faced big competition over the years. With Rolex being their main competitors up until the 1970s, Omega fought to be seen as the ‘King of Swiss Watch Brands’ and began to outsell Rolex while selling at slightly less market prices. In the 1970s Omega was faced with competition from Japanese brands such as Citizen and Seiko that branded the new quartz system watches and so began making their own quartz mechanism while Rolex focussed on its classical mechanical design. Omega hit hard times in the 1980s when the company was bailed out by the banks during the financial crash but after huge financial reconfiguring of the company, the brand regained its place at the top and used product placement to send its sales skyrocketing.

An out of this world legacy

Omega is also known for being at the forefront of space exploration. With NASA choosing Omega to decorate its astronauts, Omega became the first watch to make it to space. Buzz Aldrin stepped out of the Apollo 11 wearing his Omega Speedmaster, while Neil Armstrong had left his inside the ship during the moon landing in 1969, carving out Omega’s place in the history books. You can see Neil Armstrong’s Speedmaster at the air and space museum in Washington today whereas Aldrin’s was sadly stolen when donating items to the Smithsonian Institution. You can still buy the Omega Speedmaster if you’re looking for a watch with a truly unmeasurable history with Omega rereleasing the ‘moon watch in 2007 to mark its 50th birthday. All later NASA mission used Omega watches to equip their astronauts with and they remain a key part of the space institute to this day.

The watch also became a lifesaver when on the doomed Apollo 13 mission, all systems failed, prompting the astronauts to use the Speedmaster watch for navigation back to Earth. Its reliability and well-tested mechanism allowed the team a safe return and was later given ‘The snoopy Award’, the highest award commended to Astronauts.

Famed wearers

If you’re looking for a watch worn by icons, Omega is certainly the watch of choice with everyone from actors to presidents wearing these intricately designed wrist statements. John F. Kennedy was a wearer of the Omega Ultra-thin wristwatch after having it gifted to him by his friend Grant, a Floridian businessman. JFK wore his Omega to his inauguration which was engraved with the words: President of the United States John F. Kennedy, from his friend Grant.

One of the most famous wearers of the prestigious watch would have to be that of James Bond. Daniel Craig wore the Seamaster Planet Ocean in his first film, Casino Royale and it has remained one of his most prized possessions to this day, claiming ‘it never leaves my safe which may be a bit sad but I’m so desperately scared of losing it.’ He also went on to wear the Seamaster Aqua Terra in one of the sequels Skyfall, falling in love with the blue dial of the exquisitely designed timepiece.

Elvis Presley was also a wearer of this Swiss brand during his time in the army. He wore the Omega Constellation, a watch to fit his extravagant personality and bombastic lifestyle. With its pink gold-capped stainless steel case this watch served Elvis well during his time in the army and allowed him to show off his flamboyant persona in his classic flashy style.

Great Britain also chose the Omega brand as its official timekeepers for their Royal Flying Corps in 1917, during the first world war, later having the American Army follow suit in 1918. The brand has also been the official watch of the Olympic games since 1932 with their release of the first-ever diving watch. With its ability to work under pressure of 200 metres of water and its undeniable reliability, it was worn by the pioneer of marine exploration, Jacques Cousteau throughout his career which later lead to a collaboration with the brand, creating the Seamaster 300 that is still being sold today.

There is no doubt this brand has shaped itself a legacy to be celebrated, with its reliable mechanisms, intricately designed aesthetic and tailor to suit every professional and revolutionary endeavour. So don’t leave this sensational swiss timepiece to sit collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe, sell it on with The Boutique Manchester. Make some money and hand it over to someone who will love it the way it deserves while you find your own signature timekeeper to suit your lifestyle and excite your horological heartbeat.

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